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Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company

Since 1982, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company (HDCC) and Bay Machinery have had a prosperous business relationship. Soon after Bay Machinery began to handle Bauer’s line of drilling equipment, HDCC began winning several drilled foundation jobs, but had too few reliable drill rigs. The drill of choice was a Bauer BG-28V. Originally a 4 month rental to drill 30” and 42” shafts for a condominium complex at …

What we supply

What We Supply Bay Machinery currently supplies all types of deep foundation equipment used on cranes and excavators, as well as, self propelled drilling rigs. Now primarily suppliers of vibratory hammers and piling installation equipment, Bay Machinery still supplies a wide range of clamshell, dragline and other material handling buckets for the construction, mining, and dredging industries.